"I can't say enough wonderful things about Trudy Messer. Her knowledge, expertise, and compassion have helped me immeasurably over the years. When I met Trudy in 2014, I was dealing with structural and soft tissue dysfunction from a 2008 accident. I had been referred to many physical therapists at numerous clinics but never improved under their care. Trudy was the only professional who diagnosed me properly and started me on a program to gain mobility in my shoulder, scapula, hip and knee. Trudy has taught me how to work my program at home and keep my progress moving forward. I am forever grateful for Trudy - I will be her patient for life!"

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"Trudy Messer is the most knowledgeable, competent and skilled therapist I have experienced over about 40 years of seeing physical therapists and other practitioners for various musculoskeletal ailments. She was absolutely instrumental in getting me through my rehab following extensive back surgery. Her emphasis on looking at the body as a whole system is so much more efficient and effective than treating individual areas that may be hurting. Her ability to connect and to meet you where you are as well as her positivity are major factors in her success, whether with physical therapy patients or in her yoga classes. It has been my good fortune to have had her as my physical therapist for different injuries or surgery over the last 11 years! I am now back to an active lifestyle, cycling, hiking, swimming and traveling."

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"I have been in Trudy's Therapeutic Yoga classes for years and never does she repeat the same class. Always teaching us something new, showing us how to stretch different areas of the our bodies to keep us moving and best of all she makes it fun! Thank you, Trudy. I can testify to her abilities in Physical Therapy, helping me with a painful gluteus muscle tear. Her skills and knowledge to help me get back on my feet were a blessing. I knew just where to find help when I developed degenerative & arthritis spine issues. It's a work in progress and I am grateful to be under her care."

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"About 4 years ago I retired from a career as a road warrior, which left me with chronic lower back pain and discomfort. Knowing of my frustration with a resolution to the pain, my wife recommended I start attending a Therapeutic Yoga class that Trudy Messer was teaching. I was reluctant at first, but after participating in a few of Trudy’s classes there was a noticeable difference. I was experiencing less back pain and learning from Trudy how to be kinder and gentler to my back and the rest of my body. Trudy possesses an extensive knowledge of the human body and how it functions. She also has the ability to verbalize that information in a fun and enjoyable way. For anyone who is interested in being the best they can be, I highly recommend Trudy as a resource."

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"Looking for ways to stay mindfully engaged, I found Trudy Messer’s Therapeutic Yoga classes to be just what the body, mind and soul needs. Trudy’s knowledge of our aging bodies, the importance of functional movement, and a fun, socially rewarding experience keeps us coming week after week. For four years now I can credit our relationship with everything from buying the right shoes for my feet, to keeping my shoulders, hips, knees and back in top form. The best part of all is that she cares deeply about each individual in the room, and quietly offers her magic to us as she observes changes week over week. Trudy is the best, and I highly recommend her as a valuable partner in healing, wellness and therapy."

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"Trudy Messer has been a positive influence on my health and life for the past six years. After trying every form of therapy for severe lower back pain, I found my way to Trudy. She promptly and correctly diagnosed my problem and together, we took action to improve my health. I am 76 years old and using the information Trudy has provided, I live a full, active life, which includes riding my horse. Trudy introduced me to my body through therapy, yoga, exercise, healthy eating, and mental wellness. This is how she sets herself apart from other therapy programs, by treating the whole person. Most importantly, Trudy truly cares for her patients. I have experienced this personally and have seen the empathy and care she displays for others. I regard Trudy Messer as one of the best and most caring medical health professionals I have known.”

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