May 2019 Newsletter - Welcome to HEAL 😃

Welcome To...
I am so humbled  and excited to say those words! What has seemed like already a VERY long journey is finally becoming a reality… I am giving myself permission to let my dreams come true and help anyone who wants help taking care of their body and mind how I deem necessary including for FREE using this online platform!

In December of 2017, I founded the company HEAL Wellness and Therapy, LLC because, after over 21 years of physical therapy experience, I was exhausted of treating solely in our current sick-care model and being limited by medical diagnosis or treating just a specific area due to insurance or healthcare restrictions. Even though I have always treated patients to the best that my manual skills and mental capacity, I saw a real opportunity and have always had the grit and passion to treat individuals as a whole body integrating all systems to make them the most efficient beings they can be to fully enjoy this beautiful life we have been given!

With that said, please watch my first ever Youtube video introducing HEAL and don’t forget to subscribe and get notifications because their is a lot more to come!

Welcome to HEAL

Currently, my business team is very small but quite mighty! We have successfully completed 15 videos on self-care and therapeutic yoga that will be coming to your video screen in the next several months. So on this inaugural newsletter, I want to begin with the greatest thank you of all…to my brother Paul! He is absolutely the brains behind every video you will enjoy, one of my best friends, and one of the most caring people I have every met! Imagine….having your dream come to life and be able to work with the family you love and cherish! I only hope we can do what Paul and I have set out to help you do…

HEAL your body and your mind!

Paul Quilty

Administrator of HEAL Wellness and Therapy, LLC